Information is not the answer

Design experiences, not information

Every learning leader has faced the dilemma of being asked to cram too much information into a training course because of a customer’s belief that “more information is better learning.”  You know the drill, and it usually starts something like this, “Hey Jim, thanks for designing that course for us. I was thinking, we should also add…[insert 438 data points, factoids, and might-use administrivia here] to our course.” 

It’s the data dump. The fact frenzy. The overview overkill.  It’s just difficult sometimes for folks to believe that less information could lead to more (and better) learning. 

Well, today we’re going to make the case for shifting the focus away from information altogether. Here, designing guru Cathy Moore makes a powerfully simple case for shifting from designing information to designing experiences.

Can’t access YouTube? Here’s a Flash version.

3 thoughts on “Information is not the answer

  1. Reblogged this on agropedia and commented:
    I agree with much of this post. I see this every day in my career. We spend more resources measuring what we’ve done than actually doing things and often get lost in traffic light swirls of information dashboards and meaningless metrics suites…


  2. I agree. I see this daily in my career. We spend so much time on “metrics” and surveillance of our status through ticketing tools and dashboards that we often don’t make near the progress we could by actually doing and not measuring. Not only are the resources misplaced, it’s also lost opportunity cost…


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