Maven, ninja, or guru. Which one are you?

Attention-grabbing Job Seekers…

You know the job market has become increasingly competitive. A standard resume or CV won’t really cut it these days. To stand out, there are ever-more random lengths people will go to in order to secure a job or even get noticed by potential employers. Take a look at some of the best job applications around.

7 thoughts on “Maven, ninja, or guru. Which one are you?

    • Richard – great edits to your home page. I was particularly glad to see the spelling change on your tagline. For some reason your resume deck gives a “can’t load” error. I’m viewing in IE9.

      Looking forward to seeing it.


      • I just tried it in IE9 and it loads but shows a blank page. Not sure why. I have tried it in almost every other browser and it works fine. Guess I will just take the live load down and put a couple of download links to the two different versions or something.


      • I am using Google Docs Document Viewer API to load the Powerpoint Presentation into my web page. There is currently a few bugs with it and IE9. I got part of it fixed to where it will work in IE9 now but it shows an error page first and you have to click Go Back to Previous Page for it to load. Hopefully Google fixes this sooner than later.


    • I hear you, Richard. It’s amazing how creativity sparks more creativity. How will you evolve next? I’m thinking about creating a personalized brand as a play off of my last name…something like, “The Susan Hendrich Experience.”


      Create on!


      • I have been thinking about how to improve my resume for a while now. If you read my resume (link below) you will see I am using VisualCV right now and while it is much nicer than the conventional resume it still doesn’t get me interviews. I am a computer geek (self-taught with no certifications) but have been doing it for 18 years. So I am thinking maybe trying one of the following:

        * Convert part of the text of my resume to Binary or Hexa-Decimal code so that potential employers see something different and in turn either have to contact me to find out what it says or convert it themselves
        * Include a video of me disassembling/repairing/reassembling a computer
        * Create a powerpoint presentation for a resume that begins with a short video of some of the systems I have worked on recently followed by my resume as animated slides

        What do you think?

        Resume here:


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