Posted by: Susan Hendrich | January 7, 2021

My first TV show! “Human Being”

Posted by: Susan Hendrich | September 8, 2020

Love wins – when we get outside the bubble

Are you actively working to ‘Escape The Bubble’ And Learn From Opposing Views?

As Nelson Mandela taught us, “The best long-term strategy for victory is love.”

Tell me what you are doing to escape the bubble and hear “the other side“ in your attempt to navigate the world?

Posted by: Susan Hendrich | July 8, 2020

Sunrise and Sunset – The ultimate reset buttons

The fact that there is a sunrise and a sunset every day is the universe reminding us that we always have a second chance to start over. Even on cloudy or rainy days, the sun still rises and sets to reset the clock for the next day.

Posted by: Susan Hendrich | March 16, 2020


Posted by: Susan Hendrich | October 20, 2019

Going Global

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