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Recent works by Susan E. Hendrich are coming soon…

  • Stay tuned for more details!


Wind Music
Susan Hendrich
Oil Pastel on Board


  1. Craft Show – December 6th, 2008. St. Paul’s United Methodist Church on Faulk Road in Wilmington, Delaware. Details soon!


  2. Sheldon,

    Thank you for your inquiry. I’m delighted that you are interested in a companion piece for “Night walk in thistles.”

    I am sending you a link to my e-gallery, where you can take a look at some recent works that complement the look and feel of Night walk. Also, let’s consider a commissioned piece, where we can construct a vision together for your daughters’ new art work. I would be happy to visit with you to discuss possibilities

    Looking forward,



  3. Susan,

    I purchased one of your art works years ago at a show in Wichita, Kansas. The piece is called, “Night walk in thistles.” Do you have any new art that contains the colors used in that piece? I have twin girls now, and would like to hang two of your works in their newly-decorated room. It’s mostly the green shades that I’m looking for.

    Sheldon Crall


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