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Here are a few of my favorite works.  I’m painting again, so check back soon for more…


  1. Susan, You appear to be a short distance from my sister and a little more than an hour from me!
    Call or email I would love to catch up!



  2. You have a cool style that really explodes with color. I am working on becoming a professional artist. Right now i am in high school and trying to decide whether to take a year off before college to travel Europe and hone my painting style.

    Good luck with your art.

    Megin Martin


  3. Are these paintings for sale? If so, where can you buy them?


  4. Susan, your art is the stuff of goosebumps! Please keep on apainting! You have extraordinary talent. Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. Susan–

    These works are awesome. What a great collection of unique art that speaks to the soul.



  6. Bravissima!


  7. Susan, your work strikes a personal chord. Inspiring and uplifting it helps to recall special moments in life. Makes me smile!



  8. unbelievable, you are good !!!!


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