Be Water, My Friend.

Are you in Flow? If you’ve been feeling stuck lately, consider Bruce Lee’s zen-like advice… Thanks to Tim Merriman for reminding me of this cheeky-but-hypnotic display of the teachings of Bruce Lee’s philosophies and teachings.

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Maven, ninja, or guru. Which one are you?

Attention-grabbing Job Seekers… You know the job market has become increasingly competitive. A standard resume or CV won’t really cut it these days. To stand out, there are ever-more random lengths people will go to in order to secure a job or even get noticed by potential employers. Take a look at some of the bestContinue reading “Maven, ninja, or guru. Which one are you?”

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Sticky Note Mind Maps

Need help solving a dilemma? Want ideas for a better way to do things? Got a new project that needs structure? Try Sticky Note Mind Mapping! Psychologist Tony Buzan developed “Mind Mapping” as a tool for thinking ‘laterally’ – it’s a type of visual brainstorming that’s based on a central idea written in the centerContinue reading “Sticky Note Mind Maps”

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Creative Slump? Try Something, Anything New

Creative Slump? Try Something, Anything New The Slump As Spring 2010 settled in, I found myself in a creative rut. Not that I wasn’t coming up with some pretty good instructional design solutions. I just didn’t have the sparkly “kick” in my design step. My first instinct in considering how to clear the innovation fogContinue reading “Creative Slump? Try Something, Anything New”

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Innovations don’t have to be major

Even the most mundane transactions can be turned into memorable experiences. Here’s an example:

Standard Parking of Chicago plays a signature song on each level of its parking garage at O’Hare Airport

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