Visual storytelling

Connect Using Visual Storytelling

It’s time for another golden e-Learning design tip! Today we’ll focus on visual storytelling. 

We’ve heard over and again that the power of visual imagery is unbeatable in instructional design. Yet, we struggle to find and use images that accurately capture and evoke the kind of emotion that connects audiences with the story we are trying to tell.  Perhaps you’ve seen the famed YouTube video series, “In Plain English,” where the CommonCraft geniuses show us (rather than tell us) the essence of Web 2.0 technologies. It is this kind of visual storytelling that captures our attention and ignites our imagination.

So, how can you show, rather than tell, your story?

Now, here’s your homework:

Take a look at Veronica Rusnak‘s Article on “Visual Storytelling and Moments in the Human Condition.”

“Remember: story, not data. Rather than talk about your topic, find a way to show it.”

Looking forward to your ideas!

Susan Hendrich

5 thoughts on “Visual storytelling

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  3. This takes me back to junior high English class. Every story needs a theme, a plot, a setting, etc. Cool refresher, Susan. Thanks.



  4. I would love to see an example or two of Visual Storytelling. The hardest part of instructional design for me is gerating a creative “hook.”

    Loren Barrett


  5. True, true, Susan—as they say, “A picture tells a thousand words.”

    One thing that I struggle with is selecting images that work well together throughout my visual story. I usually can find one or two zingers. But, it’s hard to find photos that go well together and don’t look like a loose string of clip art images.

    Any thoughts?


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