Don’t like your team situation? Turn it around!

Your can change your perception: Just flip it… Special thanks to Cindy McCahon and Susan Jacobs for introducing me to this mind-flipping snippet presented by Team Builders Plus. Your turn: Please click here to share one word that describes your reaction to this video.

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Communicating data with Infographics

Infographics: Pictures That Tell A Story… What is an Infographic? The term Infographic is a portmanteau of two terms, “Information” and “Graphics,” and describes the visual representation of data. Infographics help communicate complex information in a digestible manner, as they creatively present data in an understandable and engaging format. As web users, with our diminishing attention spans,Continue reading “Communicating data with Infographics”

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Learning styles

Looking for some information about learning style inventories?

After years of facilitating learning styles workshops, I offer you the following perspectives/ideas:

1. The inventory is good. The “Learning and techniques” section that they provide as feedback for the quiz results is solid, and the detailed combinations of style results are powerful.

2. Another free and useful inventory…

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Learning maps

How do you enable strategic change in organizations?
More and more these days, I’m being tasked with finding ways to facilitate meaningful and successful change in organizations. Today I came across Root, a forward-thinking group making interesting use of learning maps. Their concept is simple. Their process is fun. Their results are amazing.

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Visual storytelling

We’ve heard over and again that the power of visual imagery is unbeatable in instructional design. Yet, we struggle to find and use images that accurately capture and evoke the kind of emotion that connects audiences with the story we are trying to tell. Perhaps you’ve seen the famed YouTube video series, “In Plain English,” where the CommonCraft geniuses show us (rather than tell us) the essence of Web 2.0 technologies. It is this kind of visual storytelling that captures our attention and ignites our imagination.

So, how can you show, rather than tell, your story?

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