Posted by: Susan Hendrich | March 6, 2012

Success and Leadership Twitter Style, by Tom Peters

Leadership and Success in 140 characters or less…

You may have seen Tom Peters views on Leadership and Success in 140 characters posted on Twitter:

Success in 140 characters: “Attack EVERY project you do with Reckless ENTHUSIASM and a Passionate Commitment to EXCELLENCE!”

Can’t you just hear the passion in his voice behind this simple credo?

Leadership in 140 characters: Energy. Enthusiasm. Passion. “People first” in her bone marrow. Curiosity. Integrity. “Ready. Fire. Aim.” Sense of humor. A good accountant.

Now it’s your turn. How would you tweet the secrets to leadership and success in 140 characters or less?

For more from Tom Peters check out his great site,


  1. Here’s my take on Leadership in under 140 characters: 1. Communicate your vision and my role. 3. Provide me tools. 3. Give me space. 4. Coach me toward success. 5. Celebrate my victories.


  2. Twitter makes you focus your ideas into bite-sized chunks. I like the concept for leadership. Simplicity rules.


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