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Sharon Bowman

Looking for tips and articles to help you energize your training sessions? Check out Sharon Bowman’s sparkly site:  Sharon’s site is chock full of web site links, newsletters, catalogs, and books that will help you become a master at “teaching it quick and making it stick!”  Here are two of her latest examples:

Stand, Stretch and Speak: Using Topic-Related Energizers.
From: Preventing Death by Lecture!
Author: Sharon L. Bowman
Format: Adobe Acrobat PDF

The Gallery Walk: An Opening, Closing, and Review Activity.
From: How To Give It So They Get It.
A more detailed version is found in: The Ten-Minute Trainer.
Author: Sharon L. Bowman
Format: Adobe Acrobat PDF

2 thoughts on “Spotlight on…

  1. Here are two suggestions, Michelene:

    1. Ask yourself, “If I only had one minute left, what would I have learners do in that minute to review what they have learned?” Possible answers are: Talk to each other about the topic (a Pair Share), write down a topic-related fact (Think and Write), ask a question of someone else (Take a Guess), or have the group generate as many facts as it can in 60 seconds (Shout Out).

    2. Ask yourself, “If I lost my voice right before the training, how else could the participants learn this material?” Then set up one or two ways for them to do that. Examples are: a quick card-sorting activity with myths and facts about the topic, another card sorting activity matching up terms with their definitions, an interactive worksheet, Teach-Backs where table groups teach the other groups a piece of content (they read a handout or text page for the information), and the like.

    Hope this helps – and my thanks to Susan, too, for her “sparkly” comment about my website – how nice! Sharon


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