Clarify priorities with MoSCoW (Must, Should, Could and Won’t)

Prioritization Technique – MoSCoW (Must, Should, Could and Won’t) The MoSCoW technique is a good focus method that helps you choose when you have too many options. MoSCoW is an easy-to-memorize acronym that provides a straightforward way of prioritizing items.  Dai Clegg of Oracle UK Consulting first described MoSCoW in CASE Method Fast-Track: A RAD Approach. CleggContinue reading “Clarify priorities with MoSCoW (Must, Should, Could and Won’t)”

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Globalize your On Demand Business

Write sentences as short and simple as possible. Try to keep sentences to 25 words or less.

Make sure that lists are complete and can stand by themselves.

Use a complete sentence to introduce a list.

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Free Microsoft eLearning Development Tool

Microsoft has rolled out a FREE tool called LCDS. LCDS is an eLearning development tool that Microsoft is using to develop their multimedia driven eLearning. It can output to Flash, SilverLight, SCORM, HTML and more…

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Spotlight on…

Looking for tips and articles to help you energize your training sessions? Check out Sharon Bowman’s sparkly site: Sharon’s site is chock full of web site links, newsletters, catalogs, and books that will help you become a master at “teaching it quick and making it stick!” Here are two of her latest examples:

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