5-minute Contest: Mentorship and Onboarding

Mentor Me…

Here’s an easy contest to win!

In his article, “Mentoring and On-Boarding: Two Peas in a Pod,” Talent Management’s Frank Kalman makes a compelling case for mentorship as a game-changing onboarding tool. I’m going to take a leap by extending Kalman’s theory, and say that I believe that you (yes, you, dear reader) are an expert in onboarding mentorship. Curious? Read on…


You Are an Onboarding Expert

Since you’re reading this post, I’m guessing you’re interested in the topics of mentoring and onboarding (either that, or you’re my mom, who reads all my posts – because that’s what mentors do – invest in their peeps). No doubt you’ve been “onboarded” in an organization before – be it your workplace, your place of worship, or your neighborhood association. And I’m betting that somebody helped you with the ropes when you joined that organization. That mentee experience in itself gives you a certain amount of mentoring mavenship. You know what good (or not good) mentorship feels like.

Let’s now transform this expertise of yours into a reward. It’s time to get you published in the blogosphere!

Contest Guidelines

Take five minutes to participate in this Mini-Mentoring Contest and you could win a featured “Guest Author” spot on the Leadership and Learning Innovation site.  Here’s how:

  1. Take a quick read of Kalman’s brief article, Mentoring and On-Boarding: Two Peas in a Pod.
  2. Answer one or more of the following questions:
    • What role has mentorship played in your own onboarding experiences?
    • What kind of mentorship did/do you provide in helping others to onboard?
    • How can you “pay it forward” for future members of your organization?
  3. Submit your ideas/stories here.
  4. Submission Deadline: Tuesday, July 24th


Winning Entries

Compelling mini-stories, theories of mentorship, or even 3-word mantras on the secrets of onboarding mentorship will be considered for publication in the next Leadership & Learning Innovation article in this series, “There’s No Ship Like Mentorship.”

Free Learning Job Aid Toolkit

Are You On The Move! Yet?

The Move! toolkit contains over 50 ‘one page’ job-aids with involving methodologies in five distinct areas : Individual, Team and Organizational Development as well as Project Management and Instructional Design & Facilitation.  You can browse through all the tools here.  Tons of helpful resources, and best of all…they’re FREE.


Performance Management Process / Objective Setting SMARTT / Build-Up coaching session / GROW model for coaching / Coaching Styles / Constructive Feedback / Questioning & Listening / Behavior Wheel / ACHIEVE Model / Individual Development Plan / Checklist for effective coaching / Appraisal Interview /


Team Work Model (GRPI) / GRPI Questionnaire / Action Centered Leadership (Adair) / Intervision / Meeting Management / Multi Voting / Brainstorming / Mind Mapping /Effective Decisions / SWOT Analysis / New Leader Expectation Activity / SADIE problem solving / SORA problem solving / Intake Teamdevelopment


Consulting Process / Intervention Strategy / Business Needs Analysis / Stakeholder Analysis / Initial Customer Contact / Contracting Checklist / Force Field Analysis / Scenario Planning / SARAH coping with change / Change Loop / Balanced Scorecard / Community of Practice / Autonomous Motivation (Self-Determination Theory) / Confrontation Matrix / Environmental Scan


Project Process Map / Project Planning (GANTT) / Critical Path Method / Cause & Effect Analysis (Ishikawa) / Impact – Effort analysis / Risk Analysis / Project Learning Review / Stakeholder Activities / Focus Groups / Individual Interviews / Data Analysis / Responsibility Matrix


8 Field Analysis (Kessels & Smit) / Learner focused versus content focused / Experiential Design model / Checklist Learning Activities / Types of Process Interventions / Guidelines for debriefing group activities / Involvement : look at training / Scenario Template / Statement Game / Checklist for instructional design / Learning Activities /


Augmented reality – tagging the world!

Augmented reality

Imagine this: You’re traveling on a desert highway out West, and you see a lone stone fort set back from the road.  The old stone structure looks interesting, and you wonder about its history.  You pull out your phone, aim it at the fort, and poof, a full description of the stone structure and its history pops up on your phone’s screen, telling you when it was built, what happened there, and who owns it today.

That’s augmented reality.

And it’s coming, soon. Check out these two glimpses into the future of storytelling, travel, and social networking:

An augmented reality application for Google Android-based phones: Wikitude AR Travel Guide

Futuristic 3D Storytelling – EyeMagicBooks
Fun, huh?

Free Microsoft eLearning Development Tool

Free Microsoft eLearning Development Tool

Microsoft has rolled out a FREE tool called LCDS. LCDS is an eLearning development tool that Microsoft is using to develop their multimedia driven eLearning. It can output to Flash, SilverLight, SCORM, HTML and more…

FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/tools/lcds/default.mspx

About LCDS from Microsoft:
The Learning Content Development System, or LCDS, is a forms-based tool that anyone can use to create e-learning content. By using the LCDS, you can:
• Author rich, interactive content by completing the easy-to-use LCDS forms
• Preview your course at any stage of development
• Set up a course structure that you can easily rearrange at any time