Quick, think of a name…

hello_my_name_is.jpghello_my_name_is.jpghello_my_name_is.jpghello_my_name_is.jpgWhat’s in a Name?

So, you’re writing a riveting scenario to engage your learners and you want to select names for your characters.  But you only have two minutes to pick names for your cast of virtual beings.  What do you do? 

I know! Go kleimo!

Check out this neat little random name generator, and you’ll be on your way to the worlds of Lenore Flesichmann, Maricela Rozar, Max Sellman, and Allan Jaffee. Here’s kleimo’s simple self-description:

“The random name generator uses data from the US Census to randomly generate male and female names. Use it for screenplays, fake id’s, car rentals, pick-up lines, books, prank calls, movies…”


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