Cash mobs: Another micro-innovation

The ripple effect of micro-innovations

I’m remembering this 2010 post on “micro-innovation” with joy:

Even the most mundane transactions can be turned into memorable experiences. Here’s an example:

Standard Parking of Chicago plays a signature song on each level of its parking garage at O’Hare Airport and decorates walls with icons of a local sports franchise-the Bulls on one floor, the White Sox on another, and so forth. As one Chicago resident said, “You never forget where you parked!”

Now, here’s one story about the ripple effects of micro-innovation, born from a single generous act. One guy in one small town wanted to honor one store that had been a local favorite for more than 100 years.

Micro-innovation is a beautiful thing. And, yeah, I want to start a Cash Mob of my own…

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