The Secret to Keeping Top Talent Around

In his “Keeping Employees Happy in a Post-Recession World” BusinessWeek article, John Ryan writes that the best predictor of how long talented workers will stay with their company is the quality of relationship they have with their immediate manager. So, your first thought is probably along one of the following two lines:

1. How do I feel about my immediate boss?
2. How do my direct reports feel about me?

Well? What’s your verdict?

View the article

3 thoughts on “The Secret to Keeping Top Talent Around

  1. This reminds me that i need to get a new job. My immediate supervisor is a “Theory X” manager and it’s killing my creativity. I’m an art director working in the communications industry, but my days are filled with neither art nor communications. Thanks for the push.


  2. Totally agree with this article. No matter the culture, toxic or idyllic, it’s the boss that makes all the difference. An engaged and invested manager insulates talent from a toxic environment and buoys talent along the current of a healthy environment.



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