Choosing video capturing software

Choosing video capturing software

Joe: “Help! I need to make a movie to show how our new software program works!”

Susan: “No worries, Joe. There are numerous software programs out there that let you record your mouse clicks and even create interactive “try it yourself” activities!”

Here are three video capturing software applications that I like: 

The quick review:

I much prefer Captivate, as the editing capabilities are far superior to any other product I’ve used. But, Camtasia is easiest to grasp for a new learner. The HyperCams and CamStudios of the world really are not sufficient for enterprise application. But, hey, can you beat forty bucks? 

Now, I’m curious as to your experiences and preferences with screen capturing software…

3 thoughts on “Choosing video capturing software

  1. My 2 cents:

    Captivate is superior. Camtasia is okay. CamStudio (free) is simple, but surprisingly useful. If you have the cash, go for Captivate.


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