Choosing video capturing software

Here are three video capturing software applications that I like:

Adobe Captivate 4: costs about $800
TechSmith’s Camtasia: costs about $400
HyperCam: A much cheaper (and less robust) program that folks are liking: costs about $40
The quick review:

I much prefer Captivate, as the editing capabilities are far superior to any other product I’ve used. But, Camtasia is easiest to grasp for a new learner. The HyperCams and CamStudios of the world really are not sufficient for enterprise application. But, can you beat forty bucks?

Now, I’m curious as to your experiences and preferences with screen capturing software…

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Globalize your On Demand Business

Write sentences as short and simple as possible. Try to keep sentences to 25 words or less.

Make sure that lists are complete and can stand by themselves.

Use a complete sentence to introduce a list.

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Training goes organic

Virtual Whiteboarding
Lately you’ve probably seen an increase in the use of hand-drawn “white boarding” in media and learning spots. Think about the long-haired UPS white board guy…Now it’s your turn! LectureScribe is a program for easily producing animated “whiteboard lectures” from a tablet PC or

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Carbonmade – Create your own portfolio

I’m digging Carbonmade today. This DIY site empowers rapid “portfolio” development, and I think everybody needs an online portfolio – no matter what it is you do.

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