Training goes organic

Virtual Whiteboarding

Lately you’ve probably seen an increase in the use of hand-drawn “white boarding” in media and learning spots. Think about the long-haired UPS white board guy…   

…or the ever-endearing “Simon’s Cat” series on YouTube

Now it’s your turn!

LectureScribe is a program for easily producing animated “whiteboard lectures” from a tablet PC or electronic whiteboard. LectureScribe is written by Brian C. Dean, an assistant professor of computer science at Clemson Univeristy.

On Brian’s website, you can find:

  • The LectureScribe program. To install, download this file and place it on any Windows machine. There is no complicated setup required — just double-click the file to start LectureScribe.
  • An example of output of LectureScribe
  • An animated set of instructions on using LectureScribe. This is slightly out of date (for example, image import is now possible, and magnification mode is now turned off by default). A new version will be posted soon.
  • Brian’s article in the Faculty Directions newsletter describing LectureScribe.


One thought on “Training goes organic

  1. No way! This is what I’ve been looking for, Susan. The fact that it’s free is great. I am making a product intra-merical for my team and wanted a cool way to jazz up the photos. Thanks for this.



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