ID resources bonanza

Instructional Design websites

Resource Description Site
e-learning guru A website with all kinds of downloadable e-learning articles.
ASTD Philadelphia Local ASTD website/blogsite.
Bersin and Associates site Lots of good articles on Instructional Design
E-learning Guild Another good site for more info on e-learning.
ISD Handbook Site providing a wealth of information on instructional design.
Instructional Design for E-learning Another good site for more info on e-learning.
Brandon Hall Research Good website to get more information on e-learnings
Articulate Presenter website A good place to find information on Articulate.
Corporate Leadership Council This is a group that has done a lot of research on training in other companies.
Visual Thesaurus An interactive dictionary and thesaurus which creates word maps that blossom with meanings and branch to related words.
Engaging Interactions for e-learning This e-book introduces ideas on creating more enjoyable and effective e-learnings.
X-learning More information on blended learning, and branching.
E-learning Fieldbook Another great e-learning resource.
Xyleme Voices A Podcast Library on the Evolution of Training
Microsoft clip art site. Good site for finding pics to use in e-learnings.
Random Name Generator Good site for creating names to use in your e-learnings.

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