Prioritizing? Try the “Five Ss” of Productivity

The “Five Ss” of Productivity

Today I’m using the “Five Ss of the Workplace” to increase productivity. The ‘5Ss’ are the Japanese words:

  • Seiri = organization : separate out all the things that are not necessary and eliminate them or tidy them away
  • Seiton = neatness : arrange the essential things in order so that they can be quickly and easily accessed and put away
  • Seiso = cleaning : keep machines and working environment clean (everyone’s job–no cleaners needed)
  • Seiketsu = standardization : make cleaning and checking a routine practice; maintain a pleasant environment
  • Shitsuke = discipline : standardize the previous four steps and constantly improve them; creating good habits

In a tidy and organized workplace, errors are minimized, work is speeded up and small problems are made visible.

These have been translated into five Ss in the English language:

  • Seiri –> sort
  • Seiton –> straighten
  • Seiso –> scrub, sanitize
  • Seiketsu –> systematize
  • Shitsuke –> standardize, self-discipline

2 thoughts on “Prioritizing? Try the “Five Ss” of Productivity

  1. Hi Susan. This is a great concept. This would work really well in a kitchen also when one is cooking something fabulous. Whether your a home cook or a professional Chef, these are words to live by! Thanks for sharing!!


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