Inspired by an Intern

Today at work, I was reminded why I was drawn to the field of leadership and training in the first place…

I’m sitting in a conference room, listening as a young, emerging professional with whom I’ve been collaborating this summer is giving her final project presentation on this last day of her internship program in my department.

She speaks calmly, clearly, professionally, with moxie and spunk that foretells her promising future. The colleagues in the room, many of whom are seasoned corporate veterans, are nodding and smiling – pleased with the value she is adding to the team.

She has succeeded.

And I get to witness a nodal moment in a young entrepreneur’s life. An ending and a beginning all at once. Maybe not a monumental moment in the grand scheme of milestones that she has passed and is yet to see, but a crossroads, nonetheless.

It’s the honor of walking next to someone as they bravely face a crossing point on their journey that inspires me most. So, I savor the moment. And it helps me understand my own goals, my own dreams, and my own crossroads all the more. Indeed, seeing this bright rising star shines a light on my path.

When was the last time you had the chance to travel alongside someone who is at the nexus of change in their lives?

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