World Champions – Phinally!


What does it take to be a champion?  Here are excerpts from just a few everyday heroes who outta know:


Jim Loy: “Most great athletes will tell you that to get where they are took practice, practice, practice, work, work, work.” 

Zig Ziglar: “Learn the importance of:

  • Replacing bad habits with good habits.
  • Seeing the best in people.
  • Taking time to reflect.
  • Meeting challenges with assurance.
  • Greeting others with confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Balanced living.”

Stephen Downes: “Decide what’s worth doing. If you don’t decide what is worth doing, someone will decide for you, and at some point in your life you will realize that you haven’t done what is worth doing at all. So spend some time, today, thinking about what is worth doing. You can change your mind tomorrow. But begin, at least, to guide yourself somewhere.” 

The Philadelphia Phillies proved tonight that they can do all of the above. Congratulations, Phils!

2008 World Champions!

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