Got leadership skills?

Leadership assessment resources

Carolyn Neblett, Senior HR Manager at Capital One, asks:
“Any thoughts for online assessments that would help with building stronger management skills?”

Susan’s response:
The Learning and Development Roundtable is a terrific resource for management skills training and development.

I’m also a big fan of the Lominger competencies (360 degree feedback). Lominger’s FYI book (For Your Improvement) is a strong and valuable resource with many examples and practical steps for improving management skills.

I highly recommend, which offers an online assessment as a complement to the classic “Now, Discover Your Strengths,” by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton.

For more ideas and inspiration…

Harvard Business Publishing has a great post from Bill Taylor, called “Memo to a Young Leader: What Kind of Boss Are You?”


3 thoughts on “Got leadership skills?

  1. Thanks for the great resource information. Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher writes, “He who knows others is clever, he who knows himself is enlightened.”

    I’ve participated with Ken Blanchard’s online assessments.

    I just finished a 2nd reading of a leadership book with a workbook/assessment format. Kevin Eikenberry’s book titled, Remarkable Leadership, assists readers in learning about themselves –and the behaviors of successful leadership. The book offers more — but i really enjoyed the assessments.

    All the best!


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