15 minutes of Leading Change

Leading Change: We All Play A Role Anyone who has ever worked for, worked with, or been a leader knows the importance of leading change. Let’s take a few moments to reflect on ways that you and your colleagues have led change for your teams, your customers, each other, and the organization. Here’s a quickContinue reading “15 minutes of Leading Change”

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Innovations don’t have to be major

Even the most mundane transactions can be turned into memorable experiences. Here’s an example:

Standard Parking of Chicago plays a signature song on each level of its parking garage at O’Hare Airport

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How to Write a Compelling White Paper

Lately it seems I’m writing white papers left and right. Since I didn’t really know what a white paper was until I’d written my fifth one, I decided it was time to learn. Enter Google (again). This Top 10 List by Megan Tsai caught my eye. Thought I’d share it with you, ’cause you just might want to write a white paper soon…

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