Tips & Tricks

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PowerPoint Tricks

Five tips for effective storyboarding

1. Set up your palettes

·          Dock ‘em!
Align tool
Distribute tool
Order tool

·          Use the “Relative to Slide.”  

2. Stick with a shape

·          Choose a “threaded shape” – a shape that will repeat throughout your course.

·          Convert straggler shapes (e.g. go from a square to a circle) using “Change autoshape.”

·          Float your text.

o         Right click > Format Autoshape > Text Box > Text anchor point.

o         Right click > Format Autoshape > Text Box > Internal margin.·          Change shape sizes

o         Hold “Shift” button to retain proportions when sizing.

o         Hold “Control” button to retain center point when sizing.

o         Right click > Format Autoshape > Text Box > Resize autoshape to fix text.  

3. Provide a visual road map

·          Carry your colors throughout.

·          Repeat your formula (e.g. “Consider this,” “Quick summary,” “Up next”).   

4. Keep it clean

·          Break up busyness with shape and color.

·          Use your “Set transparent color” tool.

·          Use the “Format painter.”   

5. Hang on to “good stuff”

·          Add your “Color Chart” to all files, then delete at end.

·          Repurpose, borrow, and expand!   

Leadership and Training Specialist


215 Duncan Avenue · Wilmington, DE 19803

302-650-2415 ·


Leadership and Training Specialist


Professional Profile


Fifteen years’ experience in leading highly successful learning development and change management in business, technology and human service teams. Proven record of facilitating accomplishment of team goals through trusting relationships. Able to foster environments of exceptional employee morale, productivity, and impeccable customer service. Possess a big-picture understanding of business operations within multiple industry settings.


Proven ability to bridge technology and business goals to provide productive learning solutions and facilitate a positive orientation toward problem solving. Utilize strategic methods to find best-practice solutions to complex problems. Offer a solid balance of business operations knowledge, interpersonal relations, and industry best practices. Able to infuse hopeful perspective in difficult situations.



Areas of Expertise

· E-Learning Solutions Development

· Strategic and Operational Planning

· Information Technology Management

· Diplomatic Intervention and Negotiation

· Team-Building, Problem Solving and Training

· Graphic / Creative Design

· Crisis / Critical Incident Stress Management

· Nationally-Recognized Presentations



Recent Highlights

Led development of comprehensive CRM, SRM, LMS, LCMS software suites · Leadership Wichita Mayoral Cabinet Nominee · Facilitated scores of workshops for corporate, university, non-profit & military teams · Taught Leadership, Management, Learning Strategies Courses at several major universities · Produced 5 national award-winning wall calendars · Penn State University: President’s Award Finalist · President’s Commission on Racial / Ethnic Diversity Appointee · American Red Cross Commendations · Kansas Psychological Association Board of Governors – Board Member



Technical Expertise

Original Software


YOTOâ (Your Online Training Organizer)

KidSoftâ System (Kids Information Database Software)

FeedbackLOOPâ (Learning Optimization Online Program)

CMOâ (Case Management Online) Learning Management System

KT Course Builder™ Learning Content Management System

Content Builder™ Authoring Tool

Kids Training Teamâ website:

Training Teamsâ website:

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