60 Seconds to a Happier Wavelength. Guaranteed.

Think You Can’t Control Your Mood? See if this Resonates…


I think about happiness as a radio frequency that you can tune yourself to follow, just like a radio station. When you don’t like the sounds you hear, you can change the dial until you find something that resonates. Resonates.

When unappealing tones emanate from external sources, like other people or your surrounding environment, or when those unpleasant sounds emerge from internal sources, such as negative self-talk, you can change that tune.  Change. Your tune.

“But what if I can’t change my circumstances,” you ask?  Ah, but you can. Maybe not the facts. Or the people. Or the pain. But you can change the meaning you assign to those things. It is the label you place on your experience that determines its impact. Consider holocaust survivor and pioneering positive thinker, Viktor Frankl, who said,

“Everything can be taken from a man or woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Ah hah! The worst-conceivable things can be happening around and near and to me, and yet I get to choose what those things mean to me. I get to choose how I tune myself into my world.

A favorite positive thinker I follow, who goes by the pen name, “Cast Light,” said in a brief article today,

What you look for you will find. So if you’re looking for something to complain about or someone to talk about, there will be plenty to find. Cynicism, complaint and negativity are easy and decrease our capacity to see beauty and blessings. Adventure into joy every day.

Isn’t that cool – using adventure as a verb? An action you choose for yourself. To adventure. An action that transports you to a wavelength of joy.

When really connecting with someone interesting, have you ever said to yourself, “Wow, we’re on the same wavelength.”  Think about that word for a moment — “wavelength.” Sharing a similar rhythm. Aligning your experiences. Being in the same moment.

What power we have!

Here’s an experiment to try.

I’m confident that this 60-second exercise will either resonate with an already-happy mood if you have one, or begin to change your mood wavelength toward a positive direction. Whether it works or not, I’d like to connect with you to learn how you respond.  The experiment is simple:

1. Ask yourself how happy you feel at this moment on a 1-10 scale (10 = very happy).

2. Take 60 seconds to view this “Happiest Facts of All Time” article from Buzzfeed and Reddit.

3. Come back to my site and post your thoughts, along with any change to your happiness rating that resulted from viewing the Happiest Facts article.

If your mood wavelength hasn’t budged upward, even a smidge, I’ll send you a quarter in the mail.

What have you got to lose?

2 thoughts on “60 Seconds to a Happier Wavelength. Guaranteed.

  1. We are all “animals” and should learn from the “animal kingdom”. 17 Resonates with me, 18. is Me, wondering about 19, and 30 is the fact of life.

    PS. Thanks for your title image,,,, interesting,,, used it as my cover,,, keep the quarter,,, invest it,,, in me,, of course,,, lol,,, have a listen to the music,,, we are all seeking the wavelength,,, for fun of course,,, what do you have to lose


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