Safety to Fail (again)

To err is human; to forgive, divine. – Alexander Pope

Forgiveness is a gift that costs nothing.

There is tremendous power in forgiveness. We pardon mistakes or wrong choices of others as a means of growing, healing, learning and moving on. The power of forgiveness has long been documented. Think of the role it plays in self-esteem, interpersonal relations, philosophy, sports, child-rearing, education, and law.  Forgiveness brings closure and resolution. Forgiveness frees us to make better choices next time.

So, where does forgiveness fit into training and leadership?

There is no greater learning opportunity than the chance to take a risk, or to make a decision that carries the risk of failing. When we provide a safe environment in which people can try, fail, and try again, we open up a world of learning opportunities.

How have you incorporated forgiveness into your training and leadership? Please share your thoughts below.

Susan Hendrich

4 thoughts on “Safety to Fail (again)

  1. Great thoughts. It’s interesting – I’ve seen a TON of posts to start the new year around this topic of forgiveness (and having permission to make mistakes). In any case, the comment that you posted and the idea of responding with “grace” resonates with me – definitely not a strong suit of mine but something to work towards in the new year.


  2. I cannot count the number of times I’ve been granted the grace of forgiveness from a friend, a mentor, a loved one, or a stranger. My hope in 2013 is to carry that gift forward and pass it on to others who, like me, are simply human beings striving for their personal best.


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