My 3 favorite crowdsourcing sites:


A fun and semi-related site: I enjoy flinging random questions out there and seeing how people respond.  Try one now!

Update:  How cool is this—I posted my 3 favorite crowdsourcing sites at 10:00 am. By 10:10, the co-founder of adds his comment to this post.  That’s the world we live in…everyday is a New York minute!

One thought on “Crowdsourcing

  1. Hey Susan – thanks so much for mentioning crowdSPRING – the creative marketplace. We give people and companies a different way to buy creative services (logo and website design, print and illustrations, etc.). Instead of receiving bids and proposals as they would on other marketplaces, buyers on crowdSPRING choose from among actual designs – to their specification – and pick the one they like. During the past four months, we’ve hosted nearly 800 projects posted by buyers from 30 countries. We invite your readers to take a look.


    Ross Kimbarovsky


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