Writing effective scenario questions

Want to increase the quality of your assessment questions? Think stories!
Scenario-based evaluation questions help the learner to really think about the content, not just regurgitate facts or data. Check out this easy plan for constructing good scenario questions:

Hendrich’s ABCD Model for Constructing Effective Scenario Questions …

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We all know that strong transitions are critical components of an effective instructional design. But how good are we at actually writing powerful transitions? Try this “Transition Words” list for ideas to help spice up the transitions in your next design.

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So, you wanna use fancy punctuation? There are two methods you can use: the “ALT key” method and the “insert symbol” method: “ALT key” method Foreign characters and symbols can be generated by combining the ALT key (found to the left of the space bar) with multiple numeric keystrokes (called “codes”). For example, to typeContinue reading “àççéñts”

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