Phonetikana – Using visual text to teach Japanese

Building phonetic pronunciation into the letter design of a font. Wow!   This is a brilliant way to make a complex character set more manageable to learn. Check it out and see if you can find the Super Hero within: Thanks to Ian McLean (DJ Epyon) for sharing this creative approach. More interestingContinue reading “Phonetikana – Using visual text to teach Japanese”

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Don’t like your team situation? Turn it around!

Your can change your perception: Just flip it… Special thanks to Cindy McCahon and Susan Jacobs for introducing me to this mind-flipping snippet presented by Team Builders Plus. Your turn: Please click here to share one word that describes your reaction to this video.

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Create a Contest

Build Organizational Positivity: Run a Story Contest Remember in school when you had to write an essay on “What I did this summer?” This was your teacher’s way of teaching you the art of storytelling. Well, who ever said the storytelling should stop just because we’re all grown up?  Everyone Wins Soliciting stories from members ofContinue reading “Create a Contest”

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Globalize your On Demand Business

Write sentences as short and simple as possible. Try to keep sentences to 25 words or less.

Make sure that lists are complete and can stand by themselves.

Use a complete sentence to introduce a list.

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How to Write a Compelling White Paper

Lately it seems I’m writing white papers left and right. Since I didn’t really know what a white paper was until I’d written my fifth one, I decided it was time to learn. Enter Google (again). This Top 10 List by Megan Tsai caught my eye. Thought I’d share it with you, ’cause you just might want to write a white paper soon…

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