Moving more mountains

Barn Party!
So, Molly’s Pool Party was a huge success (pictures coming soon). An estimated 450 people attended the gala event, and Molly herself even got to come and celebrate. So, now we’re on to the next event – a Barn Party!

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Mighty Molly

Five year-old Molly Anderson has been battling leukemia since May, 2008. She is a brave young superhero, and thousands of people are cheering her on. Since Molly has superhero status, we thought it fitting that she have her own fancy superimage. Check out some ideas for Mighty Molly!

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Safety to fail

To err is human; to forgive, divine. – Alexander Pope

Forgiveness is a gift that costs nothing.

There is tremendous power in the forgiveness we give to others and to ourselves when a wrong is committed or a failure has occurred.

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