Quiet contributions

Driving along Route 202 on Concord Pike in Wilmington, Delaware in November 2016, I noticed a lone man standing in a normally-empty field, surrounded by dozens of American flags. It was a windy day. I rolled down my window as I inched along, which allowed me to hear the flags all flapping and whacking inContinue reading “Quiet contributions”

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Harmony Photo Challenge

Ever feel like the world is falling apart at the hands of hate? Need a ray of hope? Want to make a difference, but not sure what to do? Try the HARMONY PHOTO CHALLENGE. Try these 3 simple steps to make the world a little bit better: Step 1: Take a photograph of people beingContinue reading “Harmony Photo Challenge”

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New life chapter – house for sale

New life chapter – house for sale Next Chapter This house provided shelter. One never felt alone. The people lived inside it. The love made it a home. The time has come to pass it. Next chapter calling me. Some other souls should have it. New life awaits. Come see. http://www.psre.com/2702 Great opportunity to ownContinue reading “New life chapter – house for sale”

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Sticky Note Mind Maps

Need help solving a dilemma? Want ideas for a better way to do things? Got a new project that needs structure? Try Sticky Note Mind Mapping! Psychologist Tony Buzan developed “Mind Mapping” as a tool for thinking ‘laterally’ – it’s a type of visual brainstorming that’s based on a central idea written in the centerContinue reading “Sticky Note Mind Maps”

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Free stuff

Everyone loves free stuff. Here are a few of my favorite (free) things:

Free Teleconferencing: Use freeconference.com to set up telephone conferences with up to 150 people. No charge to you. Callers only pay the long distance charges to join the call.

Free Graphic Design Software: Use gimp.com to do your photoshopping – but free! The tool is as intuitive as Adobe Photoshop, and nearly as robust.

Free leadership and training ideas: Yes, here! Check susanhendrich.wordpress.com often for handy tips and tricks that help you succeed in the leadership and training arenas.

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