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Susan Hendrich fell in love with photography as a child when her Aunt Judith Lesnaw gifted her a subscription to National Geographic’s “World” magazine for kids. She’s been making her own images since Spring 2016, when she joined the Delaware Photographic Society. It was fellow photographer Larry Hinson who sparked Susan’s awareness of DPS, when Susan stopped into Larry’s photography booth at the 2016 Bellefonte Arts Festival and saw his “Stars and Stripes and H2O” photo.

Susan spends her spare moments capturing global, nature, street, industrial, and landscape scenes, mostly with her Canon 80D and Sony AR6500, and often with an iPhone 7 Plus. She believes in the power of a photograph to surprise and stir the soul, whether capturing delight or despair, in a fleeting moment. Admiring the work of others is Susan’s learning mode of preference. She is delighted to join the DPS board, serving as Program Co-Director alongside Cynthia Lee.

By day, Susan is a leadership and learning expert with twenty years’ experience leading successful learning development and change management in business, technology and human service teams. As Global Oncology Capability Director at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, Susan infuses her passion for leadership and learning with a relentless pursuit of excellence toward improving the lives of patients with cancer. She firmly believes that within our lifetime, cancer can become a chronic disease rather than a life sentence. Her Leadership-Learning-Design blog has over 150,000 followers.

Living in Wilmington, Delaware, Susan also enjoys traveling with her family, graphic and web design, painting, and interior decorating. As a volunteer, Susan has received several American Red Cross Commendations for disaster relief service.

Susan’s motto is Ganbatte kudasai! (Japanese for, “Always try your best!”)

Now available for purchase – Hendrich Art

Sell Art Online
Here are a few of my favorite works.  I’m painting again, so check back soon for more…

8 thoughts on “Art

  1. You have a cool style that really explodes with color. I am working on becoming a professional artist. Right now i am in high school and trying to decide whether to take a year off before college to travel Europe and hone my painting style.

    Good luck with your art.

    Megin Martin


  2. Susan, You appear to be a short distance from my sister and a little more than an hour from me!
    Call or email I would love to catch up!



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