Psychological Safety: Leadership with Radical Authenticity

A wonderful chat with my mentor, Spencer Holt on the power of radical authenticity to create and hold space for others to experience psychological safety. Join us! Recording available:

One thought on “Psychological Safety: Leadership with Radical Authenticity

  1. Susabelle, thank you so much for sharing your interview. The more I listened to it last night the more I realized how suppressed my “Authentic Radicallity” had become. Then I experienced a wonderful surge of creativity and set up my camera/tripod, emerged from the house (and from my spiritual shackles) — at 10:15 pm — to behold and photograph a nearly full Wolf moon. I felt like howling. Instead I light painted the dogwood tree in front. Thus I believe that in each of our “authenticities” waits a “radical” element that is our true spirit. Free it and behold creativity’s freedom.

    Love Judy


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