One for Hope

Night Walk in Thistles

Night Walk in Thistles – Acyrlic on board, by Susan Hendrich

A Poem on the Power of Hope.

Once there was a brilliant mind
Not frightened by the wind
It carried peace and married time
With plans to dance and sing

Along came feedback, helpful words
Just meant to shape a truth
Yet lost among the sharpened tongues
The precious freedom, youth

Becoming scared and running fast
This hope had lost its way
Too much of outside voices ring
Hunter became its prey

Now shed a tear once in a while
For heavy headed loss
But rise again, go find that wind
Fly with the albatross

One meant to swim and dance and play
Shall not be lost another day
As long as hope, that fire within
Is brave enough to rise again

Go find that place, make refuge there
The truth is yours, none other share
Your song, your hope
If only dared



About Dr. Hendrich

During two decades of leading teams toward extraordinary results in health care, pharmaceutical, arts & cultural, university and military organizations, Susan Hendrich has always been inspired by the stories of people achieving uncommon results through perseverence, positivity and prying opportunity from challenge. Susan’s mantra is “ganbatte kudasai,“ which means, “Always try your best.”


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