Focus on the Ripple Effect, not just the Stone

Kevin Kruse just created a ripple effect. He threw a stone by reviewing a new book by Chris Hutchinson for Forbes Magazine, entitled, Ripple: A Field Manual for Leadership That Works. skipping-stone

So, why am I posting someone else’s book review, rather than reviewing the book myself? Well, ’cause I have a lot of work to do on the very topic that the book covers—self-alignment—, and I’m allowing the ripple effect of Kevin’s inspiration to help me self-align. According to Kevin Kruse, Hutchinson’s teaching demonstrates that true leadership is like skipping stones in a pond. Kevin explains that “the secret to leadership is that the power isn’t in the stone. It’s in the ripples. And stone-throwers simply can’t set robust, long-lasting ripples in motion if they’re not starting from a place of self-alignment.” So, as I experiment with the principles of the book on my own, I’m re-casting Kevin’s stone and focusing on Hutchinson’s three steps to get into alignment:

  1. Decide What Matters Most
  2. Chart Your Own Course
  3. Know Where You’re Awesome

Now, what are your next steps? Can you feel the ripple effect?

Susan E. Hendrich


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