A Summary of Comparative Mindsets

Are you a boss or a coach?

Boss Coach
Pushes / Drives Lifts / Supports
Tells / Directs / Lectures Asks / Requests / Listens
Talks at people Engages in dialogue with people
Controls through decisions Facilitates by empowering
Knows the answer Seeks the answer
Triggers insecurity using fear  to achieve compliance Stimulates creativity using purpose to inspire commitment
Points to errors Celebrates learning
Problem solver / Decision maker Collaborator / Facilitator
Delegates responsibility Models accountability
Creates structure and procedures Creates vision and flexibility
Does things right Does the right things
Knowledge is power Vulnerability creates power
Focused on the bottom line Focused on process that creates the bottom-line results

Tips & Tricks

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PowerPoint Tricks

Five tips for effective storyboarding

1. Set up your palettes

·          Dock ‘em!
Align tool
Distribute tool
Order tool

·          Use the “Relative to Slide.”  

2. Stick with a shape

·          Choose a “threaded shape” – a shape that will repeat throughout your course.

·          Convert straggler shapes (e.g. go from a square to a circle) using “Change autoshape.”

·          Float your text.

o         Right click > Format Autoshape > Text Box > Text anchor point.

o         Right click > Format Autoshape > Text Box > Internal margin.·          Change shape sizes

o         Hold “Shift” button to retain proportions when sizing.

o         Hold “Control” button to retain center point when sizing.

o         Right click > Format Autoshape > Text Box > Resize autoshape to fix text.  

3. Provide a visual road map

·          Carry your colors throughout.

·          Repeat your formula (e.g. “Consider this,” “Quick summary,” “Up next”).   

4. Keep it clean

·          Break up busyness with shape and color.

·          Use your “Set transparent color” tool.

·          Use the “Format painter.”   

5. Hang on to “good stuff”

·          Add your “Color Chart” to all files, then delete at end.

·          Repurpose, borrow, and expand!