Optimism: A Force Multiplier

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.” — General Colin Powell

At the end of each workday when I walk out of the office building, I hear the same words while heading toward the door, “All right, Susan, you have a great night!

Christie, our company’s steward of the campus front entrance, is always ready with a smile and a kind wish to cap off the day.

Christie Melchiore, April 2023

I treasure this tiny ritual. And I know I’m not alone. Christie freely shares her genuine joy with all who pass her way.

Her daily message reminds me that everything is, indeed, “All right.”

For me, Christie has come to represent the hope and possibility of renewal. No matter how the day went upstairs, you can count on a kind smile when you walk out the door. She’s a bright light. And her light helps me cascade a light forward onto the path of those I encounter.

Are all of Christie’s days easy? I’m sure they aren’t. Are all of her moments bright? Can’t possibly be. But still she chooses to shine that light. As a wise colleague once said, “Choice is a superpower.” I am lucky to be in the path of this every-day superhero.

I’m sharing this moment with you, because I wonder if there is someone in your life whose simple acts of kindness makes a difference? Let’s call it out.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts, or even an example of someone whose optimism is a force multiplier for you.