Information Overload

“All at once vs. Piecemeal: How shall we deliver training?”

Help me answer a question, Dear Reader…

What is your formula for choosing a timeline to roll out a new training initiative?

Should all modules be delivered/presented in one fell swoop?
Should we roll out training components on a basic-intermediate-advanced continuum?

Too often we gauge our training delivery timelines on business needs, meaning, “We need this training now, and I mean business!” But how often do we carefully plan the rollout of a new course or set of learning materials based on instructional design principles of graduated introduction?

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Tips & Tricks

Coming soon… PowerPoint Tricks Five tips for effective storyboarding 1. Set up your palettes ·          Dock ‘em! Align tool Distribute tool Order tool ·          Use the “Relative to Slide.”   2. Stick with a shape ·          Choose a “threaded shape” – a shape that will repeat throughout your course. ·          Convert straggler shapes (e.g. go fromContinue reading “Tips & Tricks”

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