Visual menus

I’m wild about Cathy Moore’s post on Visual menus: structure with style

My favorite part is her brainstorm list of visual elements (graphics) that could become menus:

  • Timeline
  • Flow chart
  • Mind map
  • The product or item that the course examines
  • Head shots of people asking questions (each question links to the section that answers it)
  • Map of a building or place
  • Game board  

So, here’s your challenge:

Can you think of other graphic elements that could serve as visual menus/maps?

Submit your ideas through the “comments” feature below!



Tips & Tricks

Coming soon…

PowerPoint Tricks

Five tips for effective storyboarding

1. Set up your palettes

·          Dock ‘em!
Align tool
Distribute tool
Order tool

·          Use the “Relative to Slide.”  

2. Stick with a shape

·          Choose a “threaded shape” – a shape that will repeat throughout your course.

·          Convert straggler shapes (e.g. go from a square to a circle) using “Change autoshape.”

·          Float your text.

o         Right click > Format Autoshape > Text Box > Text anchor point.

o         Right click > Format Autoshape > Text Box > Internal margin.·          Change shape sizes

o         Hold “Shift” button to retain proportions when sizing.

o         Hold “Control” button to retain center point when sizing.

o         Right click > Format Autoshape > Text Box > Resize autoshape to fix text.  

3. Provide a visual road map

·          Carry your colors throughout.

·          Repeat your formula (e.g. “Consider this,” “Quick summary,” “Up next”).   

4. Keep it clean

·          Break up busyness with shape and color.

·          Use your “Set transparent color” tool.

·          Use the “Format painter.”   

5. Hang on to “good stuff”

·          Add your “Color Chart” to all files, then delete at end.

·          Repurpose, borrow, and expand!