Thundersnow and Frankenflakes


Here’s a poem I wrote to help you stay warm…

Thundersnow and Frankenflakes

Thundersnow and Frankenflakes. How much havoc Winter makes. No sooner does the nighttime fall, than down more inches, igloo walls. My driveway’s frozen; pipes near-cracked. And, down another tree branch…Thwack!

‘Twas fun the first time and the twelfth. It’s time this snow biz hit the shelf. My blower’s blown. The roads are dicey. My heating bill is beyond pricey. It’s kind of fun to whine, I suppose. We’re lucky; some have toes that froze. Off to sleep another night. Tomorrow’s fresh coat will be bright…


Susan E. Hendrich

From 2013 to 2014 – A Poem

Here’s a poem to help you ring in the new year:


From 2013 to 2014

We made it through twenty-thirteen, and oh what a year it has been.

We smashed record markets and shook faith in Target, and tried our best to go green. We had too much of Miley and Beck and O’Reilly, but thankfully Colbert between. Harlem shook proudly while K-Pop played loudly, and Lorde promised she’d be our queen. While Dennis took trips, Rubio took sips, and that Toronto guy seemed kind of mean.
Yes, 2013 was a sign of the times.
While we cried for Mandela, we saw some strange signs. Sharknados and selfies took much of our time, and Nelly crossed over a two-state line. We pinned no-bake pie pics and bathroom designs, and discovered local vineyards making must-try wines.
Who knows what the new year ’14 will bring? At least we can say there’ll be new techy things. Driverless cars will soon be the norm. It won’t be long now until they chase the storms. The drones may deliver our latest must-haves, and the hormones may finally be pulled from our calves. Whether cameras in our glasses or phones in our rings, to one dear thought I feverishly cling.
It’s a hope that only one source can bring…
That source is my Family, my Faith and my Friends. The one true connection that need never end.
Enjoy the fresh slate that 2014 brings, Everyone! Continue reading