Reviewing documents with Adobe Acrobat

Reviewing Documents with Adobe Acrobat Ever get one of those “please review attached document” emails?  Then you open the attachment and it’s a “pdf” file.  You scratch your head and wonder, “How do I mark up this document? It’s not easy like Word!”  Well the pain is about to end, my friend.  Read on toContinue reading “Reviewing documents with Adobe Acrobat”

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Augmented reality – tagging the world!

Imagine this: You’re traveling on a desert highway out West, and you see a lone stone fort set back from the road. The old stone structure looks interesting, and you wonder about its history. You pull out your phone, aim it at the fort, and poof, a full description of the stone structure and its history pops up on your phone’s screen, telling you when it was built, what happened there, and who owns it today.

That’s augmented reality.

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