And in comes a light


I met a chap in Brussels today

As if a friend from faraway

He claimed no part of a world of someday

Yet he stood toward the sun as if stealing a ray

We walked just a mile as the light turned to shade

And impressions of hope upon me he made

A pal, perchance from a land now unknown

Just a glimpse of his story was I briefly shown

What if there’s no evermore, a candle blown out

Or a street built on promise that only serves doubt

It may be our world is just here, all for show

That once finished, life’s over, with nowhere to go

Couldn’t help but imagine if maybe he’s right

That the sun is just now and the rest is all night

Then in came that rain, well it fell hard and fast

Like a wall that just crumbles, not meant to last

Returned to my path with a strange sense of wonder

Is this life a dream or some spell that I’m under?

The wet mirror reflected a blurred vision of truth

That lies and beguiles the folly of youth

Who knows if the end will break darkness with light

Still onward I’ll travel in hopes that it might

This fellow now friend, I hope he agrees

A future of sun shining down on the the trees

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