Mackerel and Caper Cream Cheese Bites

Mackerel and Caper Cream Cheese Bites

Yummy mackerel caper cream cheese bites

This Susan Hendrich original  recipe takes less than 10 minutes and is guaranteed to disappear from the plate even faster:

10 ounces of smoked peppered mackerel

1/4 cup lite cream cheese

2 tablespoons green onion, chopped

3 Tablespoons capers

10 cherry tomatoes, sliced

One package of mini crisp toasts

Cut 1/2 inch square pieces of mackerel, set aside. Mix green onion into cream cheese, then spread a small amount onto each mini crisp toast. Using a fork, place a small pile of capers onto a cutting board. Pick up a cream cheese-smeared toast and press gently, smear-side down, into the pile of capers so that 6-8 capers are pressed into the cream cheese. Next press in one slice of cherry tomato and one piece of mackerel. Garnish with a single caper in the tomato slice. Makes about 20.


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